Participate with us

  1. Soup Kitchen: Monday/Thursday/Friday @ 12:00pm​

  2. Prayer & Bible Study Tuesday @ 7:00pm​

  3. Pelerins prayer meeting Wednesday @ 10:00am​

  4. Women’s group prayer meeting Thursday @ 7:30pm​

  5. Flambeau Divin prayer meeting Saturday @ 7:00am​

  6. Youth Choir practice Saturday @ 5:00pm​

  7. Women Choir practice Saturday @ 5:30pm​

  8. Worship Team practice Saturday @ 7:00pm​

  9. Church Choir practice Saturday @ 7:30pm​

  10. Sunday school Sunday @ 10:00am​

  11. Worship Service Sunday @ 11:00am​

  12. Men Meeting Sunday @ 6:00pm​

  13. Evening Service Sunday @ 7:30pm​


We Are A Family

Tabernacle is a family oriented church. Families are the vital organs of the church. Therefore if the families that form the church are healthy, the church is healthy. One way we give support and attention to the families is by our monthly family night meeting. Family night provides:
A time and a place where parents and children play together
Round table discussions on marriage related issues such as finance, communication, sex among husbands and wives
While the children and teenagers found their respective programs.